Annual General Meeting

The Association shall in each calendar year convene an annual general meeting of its members. The annual general meeting shall be held on such a day as the committee determines the specific day.   

At the AGM the new management committee is elected and the annual report, including the audited financial reports  provided to members.

All members are encouraged to attend the AGM as it is also a good opportunity to meet other members from different community groups.

Annual Reports

                                     Annual Report -2021

                                     Annual Report - 2020

    Annual Report - 2019

      Annual Report - 2018

     Annual  Report - 2017

      Annual Report - 2016 

     Annual  Report - 2015

 Annual Report  - 2014

Some of the Highlights 

 Walker Close Community Centre and Brooklyn Community Hall 

The two purpose built facilities are  centrally located; community members can come by all means of transport accessible from all directions. It has a warm & welcoming environment. It has multi-functional rooms to conveniently run programs, training, workshops etc. and are well utilized by the community.  

 The below statistical data show the centre programs/activities/service delivered in  subsequent years focusing on four major areas detail number of sessions, types of activities and yearlynumber of attendance/participation.